widlaser C500

widlaser C500

Its Clean Protect design, with special dust-proof and smoke-proof linear modules allows speeds and accelerations up to 3 times higher than conventional equipment. This way, we ensure that the widlaser C500 is always operational.

•60w CO2 laser;

•1 x 1 mm Minimum Letter Size;

•90.000 mm/min of maximum speed;

•AI, DST, PLT, BMP, DXF Files;

•User-friendly software;

•Automatic temperature control;

•Smoke extraction system;

•USB and Network connectivity;

•Automatic air control;

•Working area: 700x500 mm;

•Adjustable height up to 150 mm;


•Removable blades;

•Honeycomb table;

•Drawer for collecting objects/ waste;

•CO2 RF Lasers;

•Rotary adaptors;

•1.5 inch lens;

•Air purifier;

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